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photo: Henry S. Coleman

The New Canaan Scholarship Foundation began in 1967.  It was founded by a small group of educators, including history teacher Bob Gardner and Superintendent William French, along with New Canaan residents Henry Coleman and Bob Shafter.  They were all active members of the New Canaan community and recognized a need for scholarships amongst NCHS students who wanted to further their education.

Henry "Harry" S. Coleman was one of the original founders of the NCSF and also served on its Grant and Aide Committee until his death in 2006. A former member and chair of the NCPS Board of Education in the 70's, he lived in New Canaan for over 50 years and guided not only his own three children, but countless others along the right path to a higher education.  His children and 

grandchildren have been active members of the Foundation during their years at NCHS and his daughter still serves on the Executive Board and the Grant and Aide Committee.


Harry was a former Dean of Financial Aide, Director of Admissions and Dean of Students at Columbia University. His lifelong passion was to ensure that every student have access to a good education. The Henry S. Coleman Endowed Award was set up in honor of his hard work and is given to the student who has demonstrated a sustained commitment to his/her community and to helping others. This student must possess the character and skills of leadership that makes him/her a role model among his/her peers.

photo: 2015 NCFS Foundation Drive 

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