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Paul Gallo Endowed Scholarship

Perhaps most recognized as a 30-year Head Wrestling Coach, Paul Gallo’s presence and influence at New Canaan High School stretches wide and is deeply felt by students, team members, faculty and families in New Canaan.  

In his position as Administrative Systems Coordinator, Paul oversees student scheduling, handles all types of technical tasks while maintaining an “open door policy,” encouraging everyone to stop in to chat. Paul lends an ear, offers support, and honest advice when requested. He is wise, trustworthy and kind. 

Beyond the wins and losses on the wrestling mat, Paul helped students understand winning in broader terms. He demonstrates hard work, commitment, loyalty and good humor. Never seeking glory, Paul strives quietly and steadfastly towards a goal. We are fortunate to have these ideals imparted to our NCHS community. 

Paul is “old school” in all the best interpretations of the phrase. He believes in: 
Hard work with minimal complaints
Choose to be kind 
Character matters 
Do the right thing even when it is HARD

The Paul Gallo Endowed Scholarship will award a deserving student each year who exhibits these similar qualities to honor and continue Paul’s legacy. 

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