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Coop was the most selfless person I have ever known.  I remember a 40-degree practice in freezing rain and hail. Coop was wearing shorts, as always, and a big red jacket. He wasn’t bothered by the cold and always said, “it’s all mental.” After a few drills and sprints, I took my layers off as I was sweating but wet and freezing at the same time. It was the coldest I’ve ever been. Coop took off his big red jacket and placed it over my shoulders. “Are you crazy?” I asked him. He told me that I was more important and, once more, “it’s all mental.” Coop taught me to have a better mindset and how impactful small gestures can be to others. Coop will forever be in our hearts.

Olivia Cosco

Jason Cooper Endowed Scholarship

“I don’t want you to be as good as you are, I want you to be as great as you can be,” stated Lou Marinelli to Jason Cooper, high school years.

Jason Cooper left this earth too early and is greatly missed by his family and friends.  "Coop" accumulated legions of great, lifelong friendships. He was a larger-than-life, humble man who valued and cultivated those friendships with great care. He was genuine in his love and interest in the well-being of those closest to him. He was a lifelong athlete with a love for sport. 


Jason graduated from New Canaan High School in 1984 and attended Duke University, where he played both football and lacrosse for the university. Due to his extraordinary talent and commitment, he was awarded Duke's Football Offensive Leadership Award in the spring of 1987. He then pursued a career in professional football before settling in Chicago and working in the financial industry. 


A few years before his passing, he returned to New Canaan to work with his mentor and friend Lou Marinelli. He found his passion working with NCHS athletes. The Jason Cooper Scholarship will be given to a NCHS student, preferably an athlete, who embodies Jason’s qualities of passion, commitment, dedication, and kindness. The recipient does not need to be the strongest player on the field, but one that motivates and brings the team together -- a natural leader.

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