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Class OF 1977 Scholarship

For our past few reunions, we've collected donations to the NCHS Scholarship Foundation in memory of our classmates who have passed away since graduation. Last time around, for our 35th Reunion, we raised $6,500! The school, and the scholarship recipients, have been greatly appreciative. Other NCHS reunion classes are now following our lead, and that's great.


The Scholarship Foundation now has Endowed and Named Scholarships.  Let's join together to raise money and name a scholarship from the Class of 1977!

Include your mailing address with your donation and you'll receive a letter stating the donation is tax-deductible.

The foundation also welcomes matching gifts. If your company has a matching gift program, check it off on the donation form.​

The NCHS Scholarship Foundation is a broad-based community effort to provide financial aid for New Canaan High School graduates pursuing higher education. 

Grant Criteria

Scholarships are 100% need based. The grants are based on applications first placed through the federal student loan programs. All applicants and awards are kept confidential.

Your gift will make a difference for a New Canaan High School graduating student who needs financial assistance in continuing his/her education. And it’s a great way to honor our too many NCHS Class of 1977 friends who are no longer with us.

In Memory of:

Stephanie Barnum
Rick Billhardt
Kevin Cogswell
John J. Dolan
Robb Drinkwater
Luke Durber
Scott Hamilton
Hyatt Hunter
William Jayne

Peter Luster 
Ned Pickering 
Rita Robbs 
John Shepherd 
Bill Thurber 
JV Vance 
Glenn Varga
Darrell Washington 
Eric Watson

Lynn Whittenburg

Thank you to Cam Hutchins for generously donating and coordinating this scholarship for his classmates of 1977. 

Cam sadly has also joined this list of class of 1977 graduates who have passed away. He died in July of 2021 and is remembered for his enthusiasm for New Canaan High School and for supporting the scholarship foundation. He is truly missed.

For John Dolan and Rory - Patricia Judge

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