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Mark your calendar - Saturday March 26, 2022 at Waveny Park!
A helicopter will release 2,000 golf balls over a target at Waveny Park. Each ball will be numbered individually and the participant whose ball lands closest to the target will be the winner of one of the grand prizes below!  All participants will receive their assigned numbers prior to the drop. The winning golf ball will be announced immediately following the contest. 100% of proceeds will be donated to need-based college scholarships for NCHS graduates.   
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Mayfair Tickets

100 tickets &

2 Friday night passes

Electric Bike

Momentum Transend

E+ Mid-Step

Pet Portrait

Artist: Emma Sims

84 Sports

Gift Basket

Thank you to our Sponsors:

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Email Steffi Loomis @ steffiloomis@gmail.com for more information.

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