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Hennessy Family Endowed Scholarship

The Hennessy Family of New Canaan has established an endowed scholarship fund at the NCHS Scholarship Foundation to provide assistance to a student from New Canaan High School attending higher education who has spent a meaningful amount of their time in high school serving those in their community to create a more inclusive and equitable future. This could be as a member of a youth service organization within the New Canaan community, participating in local politics, or as a member of an NCHS culture program such as AAPI, GSA, or the Gender Equity club.  
Hennessy brothers Jake (Class of 2011) and Will (Class of 2013), and cousin, Bradley (Class of 2020) have fond memories of their time at NCHS and are grateful for the outstanding educators who went above and beyond to be patient, caring, and rigorous in their teaching which has proven to instill lifelong habits of learning, civic engagement, and a mindset to serve the community around them. The Hennessy family gives special thanks to all the educators past and present of NCHS and in particular: Michelle Luhtala, Michael McAteer, Wendy Guda, Jessica Zych, Jen Lee, Atilla Levai, Anthony Bloss, and Arri Weeks, whose dedication to their students, and making them feel empowered and included has not gone unnoticed by their students, and will continue to propel them to reach unimaginable destinations. 

The impact of NCHS continues to ripple through the family; in particular, the time and attention spent outside of the classroom. Will was Student Body President his senior year and now works at TED, having been hooked by a poetry assembly from a TED speaker his senior year. Jake was an active member of the NCHS Band and continues to perform in local orchestras in California, and Bradley remains an athlete taking his Squash skills to college. 
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