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Color Run Scholarship

2019 in honor of Jay Egan and John Howe

The NC Color Run, the primary fundraiser for the NCHS Scholarship Foundation, was established in 2017 and has been a great success. 

Jay Egan, the NCHS Athletic Director, has been a major part of the event, working with the event organizers, town officials and the NCHS sports teams.

John Howe, the Superintendent of Parks and Recreation for the Town of New Canaan, has been instrumental in helping us plan the Color Run each year.

The success of the Color Run relies on the support of the students and Jay plays a pivotal role in communicating with coaches and athletes to ensure that every sport is represented, engaged and supportive of the Run and its great cause.  The 2019 NC Color Run Scholarship is in honor of Jay and John and we thank them for their dedication and enthusiasm.

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