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October 2016

As we embark on the 50th year of the NCHS Scholarship Foundation, we would like to announce a significant change that has been made to our policies.  The Executive Board has voted to make each of the four years of the awarded scholarships a grant; therefore, past scholarship recipients are no longer required to repay any of the NCSF loans from their junior or senior years.  We hope this will help students during their remaining years of school, as well as graduates who benefitted from the NCSF.

Newcomers Supports Scholarship Foundation
April 15, 2016

Editor, Advertiser:

On behalf of the New Canaan High School Scholarship Foundation, Inc., I would like to thank the Newcomers Club of New Canaan for their generous grant to the Foundation. There are many families in our town that need financial assistance, and this grant goes toward funds to provide financial aid for New Canaan High School graduates who are pursuing higher education at the undergraduate level. The Foundation currently makes awards annually to students who are enrolled in a variety of four-year, two-year and Technical programs.

Our goal and objective is to continue to fill a need that exists in helping New Canaan High School students receive funds anonymously and based solely on financial needs. The Scholarship Foundation is extremely grateful to the Newcomers Club of New Canaan for their generous support. Please continue to support the bi-annual House Tour given by the Newcomers Club of New Canaan. They in turn help organizations like ours. We are truly thankful to you.

Therese Chaisson

Administrative Director

New Canaan High School Scholarship Foundation, Inc.

photo: 2015 NCFS Foundation Drive 

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