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Jennifer Ann Zucco Scholarship 

Jennifer Ann Zucco (1950-2006)

An Impressionist painter of intimate marine landscapes, timeless still life’s and gardens, and genteel figurative paintings. Jennifer Ann Zucco, daughter of Kitty and Ray Zucco, was a gifted artist, designer, florist and gardener. As a lifelong resident of the Connecticut coast, Jennifer’s marine paintings were created from an innate sensitivity to the characteristics of the New England coastline. 

Jennifer’s paintings, portraits and accomplishments were universally recognized. From an early age, she embarked on an educational journey with great passion to learn all there was to learn about the many facets of art. After graduating from New Canaan High School, Jennifer earned a bachelor degree of fine arts from Manhattanville College. The learning process never ended for Jennifer and private seminars continued to inspire her creative growth even as she mastered drawing, pastels and oils. 

Jennifer’s remarkable life and vibrant portfolio of artwork came to an end in August of 2006 after a battle with breast cancer. It is the goal of the scholarship to ensure her legacy as an artist and to help support young artists studying today at NCHS.

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