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March 15, 2017



April 15, 2017






Late May, 2017 
(by mail)

photo: 2015 NCFS Foundation Drive 






Seniors  May 4, 2018

Post Grads May 18, 2018





June 2018
(by mail)

photo: NC Color Run

2016-2017 DONORS
In Honor
Endowed Scholarships

The Henry S. Coleman Endowed Scholarship Fund

The Bradley J. Fetchet Endowed Memorial Foundation

The Peter Myers Endowed Scholarship

The John Leslie Endowed Scholarship

Martha Gaines Wehrle Endowed Scholarship

The Briar Foundation Endowed Scholarship

The Jack and Jennifer Murphy Endowed Scholarship

The Kelsey Durkin Endowed Scholarship

The Ben Young Endowed Scholarship

The Class of 1977 Endowed Scholarship

Named Scholarships

Preston & Kim Bealle

Myledred F. Marcely

Claire O'Hare

Seelert Family

Cioffi Family


Administrators Association


NC Color Run Sponsors                                                                        


Coldwell Banker Previews  (Marsha Charles and Holly Slattery)                                                                          

Competitive Edge College Advisors

Franco's Wine Merchants

Joe's Pizza

Karl Chevrolet

Oxygen Fitness

Summit Educational Group

Tony's Deli

Walter Stewart's Market 

Annual Appeal Donors

New Canaan Community Foundation

Silver Hill Hospital



Susan & Alfred Ceresa

Kris Frank

Cheryl Greene

Kathleen Hennessy

Nancy & Poa Hugo

Lorre Jay

David Kelly

Katie Kinsley

Peter C. Langenus

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Lapolla, Jr.

Mary & Kevin Lydon

Cecilia McCall

Mr. and Mrs. James O'Brien

Anthony & Lisa Perone

Elyse Pitts

Jerry & Molly Polacek

Robert & Patricia Potts

Richard Riley

Michael Rodell

Kota Shenoy

Susan Socci

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Stewart

Mr. & Mrs. Luke Tashjian

Keelin Weiss


Mr. John A. Addeo

Robert & Yolanda Bel Bruno

Ben & Betsy Bilus

Richard Pierre Bourgeois

David and Elizabeth Branch

Peter Brody (match from Colgate Palmolive)

John & Sharon A. Bucchignano

Fabio Calia

Marsha & John Charles

Rak Chugh & Anu Venkataraman

Amy Conley

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Coughlin

Colin Daniels

Lauren Dayya

Lois de Ghenghi

Nicholas DiCarlo

Mary DiCosmo

Michael Donnelly

Walter Dwyer

Per Dyrvik

Jeff & Melinda Fager

Christina Fagerstal

Christen Farley

Seymour & Mary Fein

Jeffrey Fittipaldi

Malia Frame

Kitty & Paul Fowler

Robert & Jennifer Gallois

A. George Gebauer

William & Suzanne Hale

Jennifer Hall

Carol & Thomas Herbig

Donna Hill

Jonathan & Katherine Jameson

Gina Kearns

The Kushners

Dr. Veronica Mary LeDuc

Edwin F. Legard

Jose Loredo

Keith McKenzie

Meg Mehos

Doris Molinari

Frances A. Molinari

David & Fanny Moran

Lauren Murphy

Edward & Gertrude Neiss

Sandra Nottingham

Harriet Plavoukos

Jeffrey & Lisa Popper

Mabel Quezada

Francis and Terri Reed

Amy & Adam Rochlin

Gail Sarner

Nancy Shullman

Mr. & Mrs. Elliott H. Sisson

Robert M. & Linda L. Spence

Mr. and Mrs. T.R. Stadler

Thomas B. Towers

Anne & Jeffrey Trinklein

Roy Turner

Julia Uzgiris

Jennifer & Stephen VandeGraaf

Ross Weiner


Meghan & James Allen

Dr. Christine Andrews

Matt & Kristin Barnard

Stephen Burns

Greg & Becky Ethridge

Courtney Grigsby

Brad & Cathy Irwin

Katherine & Christopher Linneman

William Malone

Elissa Mellinger

Lisa Nowell

Judith & Gerald O'Connell

Robin O'Connell

Jane Orndahl

Gayle Rigione

Eileen & Dennis Schaney

Kendra Seth

James & Joanne Slattery

Sebastian & Barbara Scripps

Sue & David Squier

Sheri West


​Cyra Borsy

Robin & John Busch

Jack & April Callahan

Dionna Carlson

​Mike & Karen Charlton

Christopher Gruseke

James Hilboldt

Anne Marie Knightly

Elissa & Doug Mellinger (matching from Utay Foundation)

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Orlich

Alan Pace

Roberta & Stephen Peet

Elyse Pitts

Stephen & ​Gretchen Russell

Christopher Russo

Robert Spangler

Mark Thorsheim


Frederick Crawford

Jennifer Essigs

Suzanne Harrison

David House

Scot Melland

The O'Connors

Liza and Chris Pohle

James Thomas

$5,000 and over

Suzanne M. Kavetas

You may also designate to give anonymously.

2015-2016 DONORS

In Honor

Bradley J. Fetchet Memorial Foundation

Henry Coleman Memorial Fund


Awards Unlimited

Bankwell Financial Group, Inc.

Barbara Cleary's Realty Guild

Caren Forbes Boutique

Christine Andrews, D.D.S.

Club Sandwich of New Canaan

Davis & Associates, P.C.

Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation, U.S.

Elise Landscapes and Nursery, LLC

Francos Wine Merchants

Karp Associates, Inc.

The Lions Club Foundation of New Canaan

New Canaan Administrators Association

New Canaan Board of Realtors

New Canaan High School PFA

NCHS Class of 1958

NCHS Class of 1974

NCHS Class of 1983

Newcomers Club of New Canaan

Renaissance Partners, LLC

R. Scott Lewis, Structural Engineers

Silver Hill Hospital

Silver Lake Technology Management, LLC

SLOBs Service League of Boys

The Briar Foundation

The William Pitt Foundation, Inc. 

The Young Women's League of New Canaan

Togs, Ltd. 

Walter Stewart's Market 

White Mountains Capital, Inc.


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