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Norman Ricker Endowed Scholarship

Donated by The Pohle Family


Norman Ricker has inspired generations of New Canaan High School students to develop their passions, to think creatively about problem-solving, to expand their academic horizons beyond an assignment or a grade, and to pursue a life of inquiry and intellectual curiosity.  Mr. Ricker has been a mentor to so many young people, giving them the support, inspiration, and guidance to be the best students they can be and to lead a life filled with curiosity and a true love of learning.


With respect, kindness, and care, Mr. Ricker tailors his teaching to the needs and abilities of each of his pupils.  With these deep and abiding connections, he is a role model, mentor, and lifelong friend to so many of his former and current students. This scholarship is to be awarded to a senior attending New Canaan High School who demonstrates an interest in solving problems in new and unusual ways, a passion for learning, and kindness towards others.  

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