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In Honor
Endowed Scholarships

The Henry S. Coleman Endowed Scholarship Fund

The Bradley J. Fetchet Endowed Memorial Foundation

The Peter Myers Endowed Scholarship

The John Leslie Endowed Scholarship

Martha Gaines Wehrle Endowed Scholarship

The Briar Foundation Endowed Scholarship

NCHS Community Service Endowed Scholarships

(Jennifer and Jack Murphy)

The Kelsey Durkin Endowed Scholarship

The Ben Young Endowed Scholarship

The Class of 1977 Endowed Scholarship


Named Scholarships

Preston & Kim Bealle

Myledred F. Marcely

Claire O'Hare

Seelert Family

Prospect Hill Foundation (Cioffi Family)

The Judith A. Jennings Scholarship


Administrators Association

NC Color Run


April & Kelly Real Estate


Andrea Chalon Photography 

Club Sandwich

Competitive Edge College Advisors

Francos Wine Merchants

Greenwich Sports Medicine

Joe's Pizza

Karl Chevrolet

New Canaan Advertiser

New Canaan Community Foundation

New Canaan Podiatry

Oxygen Fitness

Prentiss Human Performance

Stamford Health

Walter Stewarts


Halo Fitness

Russell Speeders Car Wash (Michael Shullman)

Annual Appeal


Lila Coleman

Newcomers Club of the New Canaan Charity Fund


Alexander Bernard

Paul & Ruth Brannan

Mike & Karen Charlton

Suzanne Kavetas

John Knight

Kristen O'Connor

New Canaan Community Foundation

Pohle Family

Rotary Club

Sharon Tate

Katherine S. Wehrle


Dionna & David Carlson

 The Stephan & Sharon Bassock Charitable Trust

Katherine & Jonathan Jameson

Richard & Joy Larcom

Lion's Club

Nabi & Fatou Niang

Edwin F. Le Gard​

The O'Connors

New Canaan Administrator's Association

Alan Pace

Christopher Russo

Joan Wexler

Jin Zheng


Matthew Barnard

Mary & John Cody

Amy & Benjamin Conley

Dina Connelley


Kristina & Michael Frank

Lisa Gifford

Jacqueline Griffiths

Cynthia Kaufmann

Stephanie Kushner

Kay Linneman

Elissa & Doug Mellinger

Kathleen & Joseph Mitchell

Judy & Gerry O'Connell

Roberta Peet

Elyse Pitts

Eileen & Dennis Schaney

Roy Turner

Utay Foundation (matching funds)



Nancy & John Bemis

Thomas Ayoub & Christine Dombrowski

Susan & Alfred Ceresa

Marsha & John Charles

Patricia Corey

Thomas & Dorothy Coughlin

William & Joanne Crane

Dale Daddona

Kelly & Daniel Defrancesco

Lois DeGhenghi

Nicholas DiCarlo

John Dunn

Greg Etheridge

Seymour & Mary Fein

Mary Beth Fessler


Kitty & Paul Fowler

A George Gebauer

Mary & Gene Goodman

John Graham

William & Suzanne Hale

Michael & Hazel Hobbs

James & Jessica Huetter

Sara & David Hunt

Eads & Charlotte Johnson

Patricia Judge

William & Elizabeth Malone

Cecilia McCall

Wendy McConaghhy

Stephen & Margaret Mehos

Wendy H. Meyer

Fanny & David Moran

Harriet Plavoukos

Jeffrey & Lisa Popper

Mabel Quezada

Matt & Tonya Russo

Elliott H. Sisson

Thomas & Joan Towers

Jeff & Anne Trinklein

Ross Weiner



James & Barbara Beall

Robert & Yolande BelBruno

Hugh C. Bell

Marion G. Blose

Katherine T. Cerow

Jeffrey Fittipaldi

Grant & Kelly Harshbarger

William & Meredith Landis

Pat J. Landri

Peter C. Langenus

Anthony & Lurline Lapolla

Dr. Veronica Mary LeDuc

Trish Lobenfeld

Bill & Mary-Ellen McDonald

Anthony Perone

Rosemarie Petronella

Micaela Porta

Michael Rodell

​Gail Stewart

Mr. & Mrs. James M Stewart

Dorothy S. Stockmar

Kevin & Patricia Taylor

Cathy & Steve Zales



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Seniors:  May 8, 2020

Post Grads: May 22, 2020

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June, 2020  (by mail)


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New Scholarships

Grace and Koo Chung Scholarship

Class of 1979 Scholarship

Joanne Rocco Scholarship

Katherine Mary Schlegel Scholarship

Nancy Hugo Endowed Scholarships

Norman Ricker Endowed Scholarship

Norman Ricker Named Scholarship

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